Sangria recipe with rosé wine by Terry Pomerantz

Family and friends are gathered on the patio, the sun is shining bright and a light breeze is gently caressing everyone’s faces… This will certainly inspire Terry Pomerantz to prepare a sangria like only he knows how. He adds to the rosé a zest of laughter, a dab of friendship and a touch of joy … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’ advice on using a rosé wine gone bad

You open a bottle of rosé and boom! It isn’t good anymore! It smells bad, it tastes wrong and the color is off. These days, wasting has practically become a sin: “Do not empty the bottle of rosé into the kitchen sink!” urges Terry Pomerantz. What to do with wine that has gone bad? We … Continued

Learn more about a wine cellar’s hygrometry with Terry Pomerantz

Do you know what hygrometry is? “Maintaining the perfect level of humidity in a wine cellar is extremely important, as it will ensure that your corks don’t dry out”, comments Terry Pomerantz. Some wine cellars do not have a hygrometer. You can easily purchase one in a specialized store or on the web. Find out … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s Top 10 Wine Tasting journals.

Terry Pomerantz presents his top 10 for best white wines. Most white wines that Terry has selected are available at the SAQ. 10th position: Clos Henri Otira Glacial Stones Malborough 2021 This Sauvignon blanc (100 %) from New-Zealand stands out for its freshness, mineral undertones and exotic fruit flavours that allows it to compete with a Sancerre. 9th position: … Continued

Find out more about natural wines in Quebec with Terry Pomerantz

Having very recently hit the market, natural wines in Quebec have quickly seduced wine amateurs. Terry Pomerantz guides us through their discovery. What exactly is a natural wine? Like all natural wines across the world, natural wines in Quebec are the result of a winemaking process that allows to naturally remove chemical inputs like sulfur … Continued

Terry Pomerantz talks about the best vineyards in Quebec

Even if Terry Pomerantz is not a Quebec wine expert, his curiosity for wine is boundless. Terry’s research has led him to several interesting discoveries, and he shares with us what he has learned about Quebec’s greatest vineyards. Top 5 Quebec vineyards that are a “must see” The Orpailleur (Dunham, in the Eastern Townships) The … Continued

Terry Pomerantz talks about the best Quebec wines.

Similarly to the rest of us, Terry Pomerantz’s curiosity about wines also leads him to take an interest in the best wines in Quebec. “I hear so much talk about Quebec wines that I had to try some out for myself! I know little about Quebec wines, so I rely heavily upon experts’ opinions and … Continued

10 tricks on how to remove and clean a red wine stain that is already dry?

Beware!  They can happen at any time, on clothes, carpets, table cloths, etc.  The accident can even seem spectacular.  Don’t panic, Terry Pomerantz gives you 10 tricks to remove unfortunate wine stains and revamp what you had thought was lost forever! Trick #1 – Baking Soda To remove a red wine stain on fabric, make … Continued

Rosé wine: how to make a good selection?

We are often under the impression that rosé wines are little summer wines that are kind of exotic and remind us of the sweetness of Provence. Even if rosés are not great wines, like certain Bordeaux or Burgundies, it is important to know how to select the proper ones. Terry Pomerantz gives us some advice … Continued