Can red wine be frozen?

Yes, it is possible to freeze red and white wine. “However, do not freeze a full bottle under any circumstances. The wine will expand in the cold, and the bottle may leak or even burst! What a disaster!” says Terry Pomerantz.

Can you freeze red wine?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to freeze leftover red wine. Once thawed, you can use the red wine to cook a boeuf bourguignon or a wine merchant roast, for example.

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How to freeze red wine?

To freeze red wine, pour it into an airtight plastic bag, a plastic container or an ice cube tray. Wrap the ice cube tray with cling film to prevent spills.

The size of the container depends on the amount of wine you will be using to cook. Ice cube trays are best for freezing wine, because they allow you to defrost the amount wine you need for your recipe.

How long can you keep red wine in the freezer?

Once frozen, red wine can be kept for 4 to 6 months.

How to thaw red wine?

If you freeze your red wine in the proper containers, thaw the wine as you would any other liquid.

However, if you are defrosting a bottle of wine that you forgot in the freezer, do it slowly! Place the bottle in lukewarm water so that the wine thaws slowly.

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Can you freeze white wine?

Yes, you can freeze leftover white wine just like red wine. As with red wine, frozen white wine can be kept for 4 to 6 months.

Can you refreeze red wine?

For his part, Terry Pomerantz does not recommend refreezing either a red or a white wine.

The opinion of Terry Pomerantz

Terry Pomerantz does not recommend drinking a red wine that has been frozen. “I find that the cold kills off all the subtleties of a good wine. I only freeze leftover red or white wine which I then use it for cooking. But between you and me, I always prefer to finish the bottle!”

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