Terry Pomerantz / 26 Jan 2023

Which wine goes best with beef bourguignon?

Terry Pomerantz loves choosing a wine from the same area as the dish he is making. “When both come from the same region, grown in the same earth or fields, the wine naturally harmonizes with the flavors of the dish. There is nothing better than a greek wine like a Naoussa or a Rapsani to … Continued

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What Italian wine to drink with a pizza?

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Terry’s list of the best white wine with fish

Terry Pomerantz recommends choosing a white wine according to the type of fish you are serving and the type of cooking method you have selected. Choosing the right wine to pair with a meat dish is already complex enough. Choosing a white wine to pair with a fish based dish can be even more so. … Continued

Which red wine pairs well with turkey?

The age-old question: red or white with turkey?  You won’t be surprised to know that Terry Pomerantz will opt for red.  A follow up question then: which?  Terry offers a few different options, including tasty reds for under $ 20. Why not a high-end Burgundy? It’s a holiday after all!  So if you have your … Continued

Terry Pomerantz

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Throughout his career, Terry has developed a strong passion for good bottles thanks to his art of living that applies the Carpe Diem maxim, but always responsibly.

He has learned over time that the quality of wine depends on the grape variety, the vintage, and what you eat to accompany it, but not only. The friends and family you share your bottle with are just as important!

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