Terry Pomerantz

Throughout my journey, I have cultivated a profound passion for fine bottles, inspired by my lifestyle that embraces the Carpe Diem philosophy, always with responsibility. Over time, I’ve learned that the quality of wine relies on the grape variety, the vintage, and the gastronomic pairing, but it doesn’t stop there. Friends and family with whom you share a bottle are equally essential!

While exploring the articles on this site, you will discover the valuable advice I share, particularly on the art of pairing wine with different types of dishes, my favorite wines, and my suggestions on wines to savor based on the season and occasion.

However, my passion doesn’t end there. Beyond these pleasures, I dedicate a part of my life to a cause that is deeply close to my heart: the Pomerantz Foundation. This foundation, dedicated to helping children in need, is a tangible expression of my desire to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

I invite you to continue navigating Terry’s website to explore my profound passion for wine, cuisine, cigars, and learn more about the Pomerantz Foundation. Each article is an invitation to share these exceptional moments and contribute, in your own way, to making the world a bit brighter for those in need.

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