3 Refreshing drinks to make with white wine

No matter the season, there is always a good reason for refreshing drinks and a white wine based cocktail is always welcome. Take a look at our wine buying guide and our article on the best white wines according to Terry, to find the perfect wines for your cocktail recipes. Read on below to find … Continued

Best Quebec Rosé wines according to Terry Pomerantz

Terry Pomerantz has made a list of the 10 best Quebec rosé wines. How to choose a good rosé? “That truly depends on your taste! You can also take a look at several expert reviews on the net or in wine guides that you can easily find in a bookstore. You can also trust SAQ … Continued

The 10 most expensive wine bottles in the world!

In order to satisfy our curiousity, Terry Pomerantz presents a top 10 of the most expensive wines in the world. If you are looking for very high quality wines, you can take a look at wine buying guides like Vivino, which is one of Terry Pomerantz’ favorites, the SAQ website or a book like the Hachette … Continued

The best white wines that are low in sugar

Terry Pomerantz offers a list of the best white wines that are low in sugar. Increasingly popular amongst amateurs of good wine, they are an excellent pairing with fish, sea food and salads. White wines that are low in sugar also make an excellent aperitif. They are very sought after by diabetics and people who … Continued

Which wine goes best with beef bourguignon?

Terry Pomerantz loves choosing a wine from the same area as the dish he is making. “When both come from the same region, grown in the same earth or fields, the wine naturally harmonizes with the flavors of the dish. There is nothing better than a greek wine like a Naoussa or a Rapsani to … Continued

What Italian wine to drink with a pizza?

It’s in the working class districts of Naples that pizza was created. Nourishing, tasty, affordable and easy to prepare, pizza has now become the queen of fast food internationally. It has even wiggled its way into gourmet palates, even the most demanding. Terry’s homemade pizza dough recipe Pizza and Grand Cru On day, Terry Pomerantz … Continued

Terry’s list of the best white wine with fish

Terry Pomerantz recommends choosing a white wine according to the type of fish you are serving and the type of cooking method you have selected. Choosing the right wine to pair with a meat dish is already complex enough. Choosing a white wine to pair with a fish based dish can be even more so. … Continued

Which red wine pairs well with turkey?

The age-old question: red or white with turkey?  You won’t be surprised to know that Terry Pomerantz will opt for red.  A follow up question then: which?  Terry offers a few different options, including tasty reds for under $ 20. Why not a high-end burgundy? It’s a holiday after all!  So if you have your … Continued

Can red wine be frozen?

Yes, it is possible to freeze red and white wine. “However, do not freeze a full bottle under any circumstances. The wine will expand in the cold, and the bottle may leak or even burst! What a disaster!” says Terry Pomerantz. Can you freeze red wine? Yes, it is perfectly possible to freeze leftover red … Continued