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Which wine goes best with beef bourguignon?

Terry Pomerantz loves choosing a wine from the same area as the dish he is making. “When both come from the same region, grown in the same earth or fields, the wine naturally harmonizes with the flavors of the dish. There is nothing better than a greek wine like a Naoussa or a Rapsani to … Continued

Terry Pomerantz talks about the best Quebec wines.

Similarly to the rest of us, Terry Pomerantz’s curiosity about wines also leads him to take an interest in the best wines in Quebec. “I hear so much talk about Quebec wines that I had to try some out for myself! I know little about Quebec wines, so I rely heavily upon experts’ opinions and … Continued

10 tricks on how to remove and clean a red wine stain that is already dry?

Beware!  They can happen at any time, on clothes, carpets, table cloths, etc.  The accident can even seem spectacular.  Don’t panic, Terry Pomerantz gives you 10 tricks to remove unfortunate wine stains and revamp what you had thought was lost forever! Trick #1 – Baking Soda To remove a red wine stain on fabric, make … Continued

Rosé wine: how to make a good selection?

We are often under the impression that rosé wines are little summer wines that are kind of exotic and remind us of the sweetness of Provence. Even if rosés are not great wines, like certain Bordeaux or Burgundies, it is important to know how to select the proper ones. Terry Pomerantz gives us some advice … Continued

Tips and tricks on how to store wine effectively!

A reasonably priced wine can transform into a true masterpiece of flavor, given that it has been stored properly and long enough for it to develop and expand into its full potential. Moreover, a wine for which you have paid a small fortune will turn into a true disaster if it has not been aged … Continued

Discover our wine buying guide

Terry Pomerantz offers us his wine buying guide. This compact guide will help you build your basic wine cellar. Before we dive into the incredible adventure of building a wine cellar, let’s first answer a few questions! Terry answers a few questions What do we mean by “wine cellar”? It is important to make the … Continued

What wine to pair with meat and fish?

Especially when we have guests over, we often wonder what wine to serve with a leg of lamb, lobster or steak.  Terry Pomerantz shares with us some wine and food pairing ideas. Wines and Red Meat Which wine to pair with steak? Terry Pomerantz likes to pair a grilled steak with a Tuscan wine like … Continued

Which glass to choose for wine and water?

You are probably wondering which glass is best for red wine, white wine, or even water. Terry Pomerantz, a true wine amateur, will tell you more. Keep reading! Which glass to pick for wine? There is an incredible variety of wine glasses.  Each one is crafted to bring forth the specific characteristics for each type … Continued

The best red wines under $20 in Quebec in 2021

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a good red wine!  Terry Pomerantz has a few good red wines under $20 available in Quebec.  These everyday wines will go very well with your daily meals. Terry Pomerantz’s top red wines under $20 Here are some of the best red wines under $20. They … Continued