Tips and tricks on how to store wine effectively!

A reasonably priced wine can transform into a true masterpiece of flavor, given that it has been stored properly and long enough for it to develop and expand into its full potential. Moreover, a wine for which you have paid a small fortune will turn into a true disaster if it has not been aged in the best possible conditions.

How to store wine effectively?

The best way to store wine effectively is definitely in a cellar. A cellar has a thermostat that controls temperature, a compressor that is set on shock absorbers to reduce all possible vibrations, an evaporator that diffuses cold air into the cellar and maintains humidity, and thick walls that insulate the wine from mechanical interventions. Lastly, the cellar’s glass door is tinted and treated against UV rays.

Professional sommelier choosing wine in cellar

Terry’s tips and tricks

Terry Pomerantz adds “Wine can also be successfully stored in a cupboard as long as it is far away from any source of heat and that your bottles are horizontal; even better if they are slightly slanted towards the front. If you can also manage to store your wine in the basement, in a calm environment far from any source of light, then you will have almost perfect conditions for it to age properly. 

Terry Pomerantz tells us what wine LOVES:

  • Calm
  • Having time to age and get better
  • A humid environment

And what wine DOES NOT love:

  • Sudden variations in temperature
  • Vibrations
  • Light

At what temperature should wine be stored?

All wine should be stored at the same temperature. Whites, reds and rosés are happiest at a temperature of 12o C. For wine to age properly, attain full maturity and reach their full potential, it is essential that temperatures remain stable.

How to keep wine once the bottle is open?

To preserve red wine in an open bottle –like the extra bottle that was opened at the end of a decadent supper- Terry Pomerantz says that you should simply put the cork back in and store it in a cupboard, away from any source of light. “The cooler the cupboard, the happier the open bottle of red wine will be!”

Selective focus of an open bottle among two other closed bottles

Terry Pomerantz adds: “If you would like to keep a bottle of white, rosé or everyday red that was previously opened, just store it in the refrigerator. Your leftover wine will be good for 3 to 5 days.”

How long can you age wine?

White wines and rosés don’t like to be aged for over 2 years. Moreover, most red wines reach their full potential in 2 to 5 years. Saint-Émilion, Medoc and Pomerol wines can be kept for up to 15 years. Great Bordeaux wines, Burgundy and Côte-du-Rhône can age for up to 20 years, even 50 years when it comes to a great vintage. 

Terry Pomerantz considers proper wine aging to be very important. We could almost say that Terry enjoys aging wine properly more than he enjoys drinking it… well maybe that’s pushing it a little bit too far!

Young woman smelling a bottle of red wine that has been well stored

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