Which red wine pairs well with turkey?

The age-old question: red or white with turkey?  You won’t be surprised to know that Terry Pomerantz will opt for red.  A follow up question then: which?  Terry offers a few different options, including tasty reds for under $ 20.

Why not a high-end burgundy?

It’s a holiday after all!  So if you have your heart set on it and your wallet allows it, why not pair your holiday turkey with a Burgundy wine.  Although they are quite expensive, Burgundy reds are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

If you can afford it, a Nuits Saint-Georges is an outstanding pairing for turkey.  In some SAQ branches, you could get your hands on a Domaine David-Duband for close to $ 100.

Affordable and delicious reds to go with turkey

A lot more affordable, lighter reds like a Bordeaux Saint-Émilion will be pleasing to both your palate and your wallet.

Saint-Émilion wines are light and pair well with oven roasted stuffed turkey.  You can easily find a good Saint-Émilion between $ 20 and $ 35.

For example, the Château Sanctus Grand Cru 2016 ($ 36.00) is a blend of Merlot (70%) and Cabernet franc (30%). But if you are going for the cream of the crop, you can also get a Château Figeac Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2009 for … $ 500!

A glass of red wine accompanied by a turkey on the back.

Ok, let’s get back down to earth. The fruity flavors of a Beaujolais-Village would also be ideal. 100 % Gamay, the Karim Vinnet Beaujolais-Villages ($ 23.90) is a full-bodied Vin Nature (natural wine).  It should be served at a temperature between 14o C and 16o C for flavors to open fully, including small red berries and raspberry undertones.

A roast turkey with pomegranate, apple and red wine on a festive table.

Red wines for less than $ 20 to serve with your turkey

With the inflation well under way, several families are looking for more affordable red wines.  Terry Pomerantz suggests a few red wines for under $ 20 that pair well with your turkey.

Medium bodied, the J. Lebègue Lussac Saint-Émilion ($ 19.35) releases intense flavors of black current, cherry and wooden undertones.  It should be served at a temperature between 15o C à 17o C.  SAQ consumers give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Le Brotte la Fiole Côtes du Rhône also pairs very well with roasted turkey.  Even though this wine only costs $ 16.95, consumers also give it a 4/5 star rating.  We do recommend airing it out a good 20 minutes prior to serving.  It is a smooth light bodied wine that offers a good price-quality ratio.

Consumers have also loved the Carpineto Originale Rosso, a red wine from Tuscany that costs only $ 15.50, and the Portuguese red wine Flor de Castro Douro ($ 15.25) with another 4/5 star rating on the SAQ website (SAQ.com)

In the vast world of wine, Terry Pomerantz does have a personal preference for the wide range of red wines. As a perfect pairing for turkey, Terry suggests a “Pino Noir. Pinot Noir wines are light red wines that pair perfectly with different turkey-based dishes”.

Non-alcoholic red wine aficionados will find it increasingly easy to find non alcoholic Pinot Noir at the SAQ, in several grocery stores and some specialized stores as well.

Which red wine to pair with stuffed turkey?

Light and fruity, the Emeritus Russian Valley was created by the Hallberg Ranch vineyard in the north part of California. It is a delicious red wine that Terry likes to serve with stuffed turkey.

Which red wine to pair with roasted turkey?

Given that in Quebec, we mostly enjoy roasts during the cold season, why not add a touch of Tuscan sunshine to your roasted turkey? Terry strongly suggests that a Sangiovese Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino is the perfect pairing to bring a touch of Mediterranean zest for life to your roasted turkey.

Which red wine to pair with turkey with a chestnut stuffing?

To pair with turkey with a chestnut stuffing, Terry Pomerantz suggests a Mercurey du Domaine Michel Juillot. “This red from Burgundy is elegant and lively. The cherry flavours pair perfectly with the sweetness of the chestnut stuffing.”

Which red wine to pair with turkey cutlets?

“You will enjoy each and every bite of your turkey cutlets when you pair it with a Pinot Noire from Château de Sancerre, a red wine from the Loire region”, confirms Terry. The sparkle in his eye leads us to believe that he is speaking from experience!

Verre de vin Rouge

The best wine is the wine you love

“The best wine is the wine you love!”. This is Terry Pomerantz’ motto. “Suggesting wines is fun. But the best advice that I can give you is to enjoy the wine you love, no mattery its price, no matter is it is fruity or dry, or if it is found among the best dry red wines.

This said, nothing is stopping you from exploring the vast world of wines. American wines, Australian wines, South African wines and wines from Chili, Europe, Argentina, Quebec and New Zealand… With a bit of luck, you can make marvelous discoveries!”

“Cheers!” concludes Terry.

An avid wine lover, Terry Pomerantz shares his love of fine bottles, guided by a responsible approach to the art of living. Discover his advice on food and wine pairing, his favorite bottles, and the ideal choices for each season and occasion. Immerse yourself in his passion and learn to fully appreciate each bottle in good company.