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Terry Pomerantz presents the top 10 Quebec ice wines

“Canada is world renowned for its ice wines. While there is a lot of competition between Ontario and Quebec, both of which claim to produce the best ice wines in the country, with all due respect to my Ontario friends, my heart, nose and taste buds favor ice wines from Quebec,” asserts Terry Pomerantz. What … Continued

Terry Pomerantz presents Baco Noir wines

As Canadian wines gain in popularity, we are hearing more and more about Baco Noir wines. Terry Pomerantz tells us the story and introduces us to some of the leading Canadian producers. A brief history of Baco Noir At the beginning of the 20th century, French vineyards were hit hard by phylloxera, an aphid that … Continued

All about wine grape varieties

Terry Pomerantz presents a few of the main features of the most common grape varieties used in the production of red and white wines. What is a wine grape variety? Grape varieties are the different types of vines grown and used in the production of wine. There are thousands of grape varieties in the world, … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s Top 5 White Wines

Terry Pomerantz offers us his top 5 best white wines, in ascending order of preference. 5th place: Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Chardonnay 2013 In fifth place for best white wines, Terry suggests the Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Chardonnay 2013. Terry Pomerantz often accompanies his charcuteries and pâtés with this round, almost sweet Chardonnay. This is … Continued

How is rosé wine made?

In a previous article entitled Understanding the cycle of the vine, Terry Pomerantz described the painstaking work that winemakers and viticulturists put into making wine. For rosé, although the aging process of the wine is quite short, the work of the vineyard craftsmen is just as careful as that given to the production of red … Continued

How to start a wine cellar?

You love wine and you are thinking more and more about building a small reserve, a small “wine cellar”. But how do you go about it? Is it really necessary to build an actual “cellar”? Is it better to keep only red wines? If so, which ones age best? What about white wines and rosés? … Continued

What is tannin in wine?

Our thirst for good wines leads us to seek wines produced with the least possible use of chemicals. Wine lovers often confuse “tannins”, a natural product that plays an essential role in the cycle from vine to wine, with “sulphites”, an added chemical that can cause digestive discomfort in some people. What is tannin in … Continued

Understanding the cycle of the vine and the work of the winegrower and winemaker.

Terry Pomerantz is fascinated by the work of winegrowers and winemakers. Let’s follow with him the almost divine journey that leads the grapes from the vine to the wine. “I can’t help but admire the deep knowledge of nature that the winegrowers and winemakers have developed. They taste the earth, touch their vines, look at … Continued

How to open a bottle with or without a wine opener?

To open a bottle of wine, Terry Pomerantz almost always uses a waiter’s corkscrew, also known as a wine key, and used by most waiters and waitresses in restaurants. On occasion, Terry also uses a wing, or winged, corkscrew, also called a “Charles de Gaulle” in France. Opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew … Continued