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What Italian wine to drink with a pizza?

It’s in the working class districts of Naples that pizza was created. Nourishing, tasty, affordable and easy to prepare, pizza has now become the queen of fast food internationally. It has even wiggled its way into gourmet palates, even the most demanding. Terry’s homemade pizza dough recipe Pizza and Grand Cru On day, Terry Pomerantz … Continued

Terry’s list of the best white wine with fish

Terry Pomerantz recommends choosing a white wine according to the type of fish you are serving and the type of cooking method you have selected. Choosing the right wine to pair with a meat dish is already complex enough. Choosing a white wine to pair with a fish based dish can be even more so. … Continued

Which red wine pairs well with turkey?

The age-old question: red or white with turkey?  You won’t be surprised to know that Terry Pomerantz will opt for red.  A follow up question then: which?  Terry offers a few different options, including tasty reds for under $ 20. Why not a high-end Burgundy? It’s a holiday after all!  So if you have your … Continued

Can red wine be frozen?

Yes, it is possible to freeze red and white wine. “However, do not freeze a full bottle under any circumstances. The wine will expand in the cold, and the bottle may leak or even burst! What a disaster!” says Terry Pomerantz. Can you freeze red wine? Yes, it is perfectly possible to freeze leftover red … Continued

Sangria recipe with rosé wine by Terry Pomerantz

Family and friends are gathered on the patio, the sun is shining bright and a light breeze is gently caressing everyone’s faces… This will certainly inspire Terry Pomerantz to prepare a sangria like only he knows how. He adds to the rosé a zest of laughter, a dab of friendship and a touch of joy … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’ advice on using a rosé wine gone bad

You open a bottle of rosé and boom! It isn’t good anymore! It smells bad, it tastes wrong and the color is off. These days, wasting has practically become a sin: “Do not empty the bottle of rosé into the kitchen sink!” urges Terry Pomerantz. What to do with wine that has gone bad? We … Continued

Learn more about a wine cellar’s hygrometry with Terry Pomerantz

Do you know what hygrometry is? “Maintaining the perfect level of humidity in a wine cellar is extremely important, as it will ensure that your corks don’t dry out”, comments Terry Pomerantz. Some wine cellars do not have a hygrometer. You can easily purchase one in a specialized store or on the web. Find out … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s Top 10 Wine Tasting journals.

A wine tasting journal, “what’s it for?” With his signature spontaneity, Terry Pomerantz tells those who ask, “It’s for the pleasure of reminiscing about our tasting experiences! A well-kept tasting journal prolongs the aromas and flavours of your best wines”. Terry Pomerantz shares with us his Top 10 best wine tasting journals. Learn more about … Continued

Find out more about natural wines in Quebec with Terry Pomerantz

Having very recently hit the market, natural wines in Quebec have quickly seduced wine amateurs. Terry Pomerantz guides us through their discovery. What exactly is a natural wine? Like all natural wines across the world, natural wines in Quebec are the result of a winemaking process that allows to naturally remove chemical inputs like sulfur … Continued