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Terry Pomerantz talks about the best vineyards in Quebec

Even if Terry Pomerantz is not a Quebec wine expert, his curiosity for wine is boundless. Terry’s research has led him to several interesting discoveries, and he shares with us what he has learned about Quebec’s greatest vineyards. Top 5 Quebec vineyards that are a “must see” The Orpailleur (Dunham, in the Eastern Townships) The … Continued

The best wine bars in Quebec

We know the epicureanism of Terry Pomerantz. Great lover of wines and good food, Terry prefers to taste his favorite wines at home with his friends. His cellar is within his reach as well as his kitchen and its pots and pans, his BBQ and his humidor that preserves the cigars he keeps for connoisseurs. … Continued

Terry Pomerantz’s sangria recipes

Terry Pomerantz knows some good sangria recipes. Red, white or sparkling, all are easy to prepare. As an aperitif, on a beautiful summer afternoon, they bring out conversations, liberate smiles and strengthen friendships! The Origins of Sangria According to our good friend Wikipedia, it seems sangria likely originated from the Caribbean or South America. This … Continued

Which long-keeping wine to pick for one’s cellar.

Terry Pomerantz‘s world extends far beyond that of a Montreal entrepreneur and the fabulous philanthropist whose family foundation helps sick children. Terry’s world is also the wonderful world of wine. Taste several wines and take notes! Before investing in the wines that will furnish your wine cellar, Terry recommends tasting several wines from different regions … Continued

Must see Niagara vineyards and wineries

The Niagara Region In Canada, Terry has not had the opportunity to visit the vineyards of Quebec or British Columbia. Instead, he did visit a few wineries in the Niagara region. “The region is beautiful. Towns like Niagara-on-the-Lake are charming. The food is particularly good. The inns and B&B are pure British romance. Their owners … Continued

White wine for cooking: dry, sparkling, fresh?

Like many of us, you are wondering what white wine to use when cooking. A dry white wine such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon or Pinot? Or a sweeter Riesling or Muscat. Are there any recipes where it is better to use a sparkling white wine? A terribly simple, and delicious suggestion “Cooking is simple, I use … Continued

What does Terry think about organic wines?

A sustainable trend Organic white wines and organic red wines appeared on the SAQ shelves just a few years ago. Sulfite free wines, organic wines are in line with the current trend of sustainable agriculture and our need to eat better and drink better. Organic wines are reputed to be better wines than those grown … Continued

Terry’s Top 5 Wines

A World of Discovery As soon as he enters his wine cellar, Terry marvels like a child! How could Terry Pomerantz be a philanthropist for children without loving life, without loving wine? With his usual verve, he leads us from one good wine to another like an explorer who discovers, fascinated, the treasures of a … Continued